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Credit Suisse Global Warming Index (EUR): Performance Chart
The Credit Suisse Global Warming Index offers diversified global exposure to 40 stocks in a variety of relevant industries that have been selected for their potential to outperform. Relevant companies include those who target efficient energy consumption limit carbon emissions or are involved with renewable energy sources such as wind power and fuel cells.

Among these HOLT looks for companies that exhibit strong cash flows are undervalued and enjoy positive investor sentiment. Expert financial ratios and rules are used to systematically pinpoint these qualities.

Performance Chart (rebased for comparison purposes)
 Credit Suisse Global Warming Index (EUR)MSCI World Price (Euros)
Date5 Feb 2016 
Value     €269.35€141.59
1 day-0.40.0
1 week-3.6-4.0
1 month-10.1-8.8
3 month-11.5-15.3
6 month-13.0-15.3
1 year-13.1-8.2

Figures showing the performance of the Credit Suisse Global Warming Index refer to simulated past performance up to August 2007 and real performance thereafter. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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